Houston High Rise Home Office Tips

Working from home is no longer the novelty it once seemed. As we navigated 2020 and now drive into 2021 there is an increased demand for homes which not only satisfy the traditional aspects of living, they also have to do double duty as a working space or learning space. This could be a home office if a virtual working model has been adopted by an employer or a virtual classroom when in-person learning has been suspended and a remote location is the only viable option. Although undoubtedly there are pros and cons, the pros can indeed be advantageous and a home office or school environment at The Parklane can be a productive space integrated within the spacious floorplans.
Let’s take a moment to look at some of the tips and tricks into making the desk space a feature as it has become a necessity for many.

Reduce eye strain

Even without the many articles on taking a break regularly to look up from the screen and give your eyes a rest, anyone who has spent too long in front of the PC without looking into the distance knows that excessive uninterrupted screen time can take a toll on your health. From strained eyes to headaches, to overall mental health and a sense of wellbeing, it is good to punctuate long periods of screen time with a deliberate change of focus – taking some time out to focus on something further away than the screen. For instance, a 20-second break every 20 minutes, or whatever fits best into your schedule.. At The Parklane, the floor-to-ceiling windows offer amazing views over Hermann park and the Houston skyline. Every residence has at least one private balcony, so taking a moment out just to take in the views while a cup of coffee brews or the clock ticks down to the next conference call is something to look forward to.

Setting up a workstation

Perhaps the first factor is how many screens are required and what the configuration needs to be. The orientation of the screens should be carefully considered so that there is no glare on the screen throughout the day. With standing-height workstations and many furniture options, it may be that careful placement of blinds or a valence that offers the perfect balance of illumination without a harsh light or too many shadows.

At The Parklane, the floorplans are spacious and the home office can be integrated into the flow of the home. If it is only required on occasion, then the desk area could be set up with a storage area adjacent so that it is easily stowed away when not needed. For instance, a spacious home office could fill a dining room area during the working week and then be converted back to an entertaining space for the weekend.

Organization is key

When you are in charge of creating your own workstation and there is not a professional team of office planners on hand, there are a few game-changers in terms of organization and ease-of-use. Cable ties, and particularly velcro ties not only make the space neater, but they also make cleaning easier and, in the case of velcro ties, they can be reused many times and are less likely to damage the other equipment. Routing cables behind the stand of the PC may seem like a simple choice, but not being able to see them from the desk can relieve stress and give the impression the desk is less of a tangle of wires. All of this can help clear your mind for a productive day ahead. Better still, if the workstation can be stowed away after the working day, there is no temptation to keep logging back in to check email.

Make the space yours

Personalizing a desk is something many people do in an office environment. Working at home should be no different. If pictures of your family or that adorable picture of your pet make you happy, then, by all means, have them right on hand at your home office. If more than one person in the household needs to use the space, then choose one spot with interchangeable pictures or inspirational quotes so you can feel that it is your time when you are using the desk.

Keep your must-haves nearby

If you like to snack throughout the day, then keep a supply on hand – that way you won’t be tempted to leave the space when you don’t need to. (If you share the space with someone else, it’s really nice to keep their snacks filled up too). If you need a relaxing space to think through ideas then make a beanbag or soft seating area the perfect counterpoint to your designated “sitting in front of the PC”, keep it nearby, maybe close enough to still be able to see the screen display.

Consider the view others have

Taking part in virtual meetings and conference calls is more than being able to include yourself in a group chat, the other participants are also effectively invited into your space! Think about the background that your webcam picks up and tailor the space to be professional and functional. The Parklane has recessed LED lighting, great natural light, and amazing views which could act as an inspiration to your colleagues as well as yourself.


Don’t expect to get every detail right the first time. Learn from others, find out what works and what doesn’t. Transition your home office over time, this will be especially important as returning to a more normal office environment is introduced. Set boundaries so that the time spent at home working does not eat up all your spare time, The benefit of not having a commute should be extra time for you, not necessarily more time to work 🙂
Finding ways to enjoy that extra time at The Parklane will be the fun part of that adaptation with 5-star amenities and so many recreation choices.

Study Buddies and Companions

For everyone who has found a new normal working with a dog asleep at your feet or a cat jumping in unexpectedly for some screen time in the weekly catchup meeting, good news – dogs and cats are welcome at The Parklane.

Elevate your view

Whether you have driven by The Parklane for years and wondered what it looks like inside, or if it is new to you and you are looking for an immaculately remodeled condo to call your Houston high rise home, visit our sales center, take a virtual tour online, drop us a line, or give us a call. We’re excited to share our vision and elevate your view. So what does a Houston luxury high rise lifestyle look like at The Parklane? Let’s explore the options together!