A Houston High rise lifestyle at the height of luxury and location

With 35 stories and a location adjacent to Hermann Park, it’s easy to imagine the views to be sweeping and spectacular. In this blog, we take the heavy lifting from your imagination and showcase a few of the views so the unique location with its balance of urban convenience and abundant green space come into focus. Each of the one to three-bedroom residences has at least one private balcony so whether the view is admired from inside on a busy day working from home, or over an evening cocktail on a lazy long weekend, there are plenty of reasons to pause and enjoy the view.

A room with a view

Sometimes, when we’re lucky enough to attend an event or stay at a hotel or a landmark, there is the opportunity to visit a viewing gallery or a rooftop garden that overlooks a special view. At The Parklane, residents can enjoy that treat all the time, from many rooms within the home.
It may be difficult to focus on the television when the view outside the family room looks like this!

And cooking takes on a new enjoyment when the view to enjoy as you create a culinary masterpiece on the top-of-the-line appliances catches your gaze.

From the last thing at night to the first thing in the morning, high rise luxury can be enjoyed throughout the home.

Nature’s Backdrop

The residences across the 35 stories of The Parklane condominium tower don’t all have the same views so while some homeowners will enjoy the sunrise with their morning cup of coffee, others will dine in style as the sun sets on the horizon. With the majesty of Hermann Park and a bustling Downtown that never sleeps, the views are dynamic across the seasons and throughout every day. Whether searching for inspiration for the next obstacle to cross at work, or simply to breathe deeply and relax, taking time just to enjoy the panorama and unwind will become a new favorite pastime. Some days may see a storm roll through, others may be wall-to-wall sunshine. Whatever is happening outside The Parklane, the expansive windows and abundance of natural light will make each glance outside a reminder that high rise living has many perks, with the magnificent vistas being an ever-changing spectacle to enjoy.

Sunrise and sunset are particularly breath-taking to witness.

It’s not only the homeowners who appreciate how great the views are from The Parklane balconies, this hawk decided to stop by for a while to survey their domain 🙂

A balcony is the icing on the cake

Every residence has at least one private balcony, some of the larger units at The Parklane have three. The balcony is the perfect extension of the home to savor not only the sights around this amazing location, but also the sounds, the warmth of the sun, or a brisk morning breeze to blow away the cobwebs. Special every day, imagine the unfolding drama with fireworks displays on July 4th or New Year’s Eve.

Make the most of your space with outdoor rugs, built-in seating, a small table, some flowers and greenery, a place to relax or a place to recharge, an al fresco bonus space to call your own.

Elevate your view

Whether you have driven by The Parklane for years and wondered what it looks like inside, or if it is new to you and you are looking for an immaculately remodeled condo to call your Houston high rise home, visit our sales center, take a virtual tour online, drop us a line, or give us a call. We’re excited to share our vision and elevate your view. So what does a Houston luxury high rise lifestyle look like at The Parklane? Let’s explore the options together!