There are many Houston high rise properties to choose from and the selection can appear overwhelming, especially when moving from another state or even another country. One of the first decisions to be made is whether to buy a property or rent a property. In this blog, we explore the many advantages of owning a high rise home in one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in and around Houston.

Houston high rise ownership is an investment

For the same reason that some savvy investors look to real estate to diversify their portfolio, owning property tends over time to be a sound way to build on the initial outlay. When renting, the money paid is essentially helping the landlord to pay their mortgage as their investment grows in value. High rise properties in particular are always popular as they offer a unique lifestyle and dynamic. The combination of first-class services coupled with low monthly maintenance dues at The Parklane means having access to five-star amenities without the personal ‘to do’ list.

Your investment in the home adds to your resale value

It’s a common dilemma for renters; you want to improve your living space but at the end of the day, the landlord reaps the benefits if the property is being upgraded and those upgrades cannot be easily transferred to your next home. Owning property changes that mindset and grants the freedom to think about upgrades and integrated design features as an investment not just for now, but also for the future, as the residence itself is being enhanced and that will translate into a higher resale value when it is sold. It’s only fair to add a spoiler alert here, as the one to three-bedroom condominiums at The Parklane are being revitalized and modernized, with a choice of design packages, so it might be a challenge to see where your upgrades would be needed.

Moving frequently is stressful

When moving between properties is not under your control, but that of a landlord, it can lead to frequent moves. These events are not only stressful, but they can also be time-consuming and expensive, with often complicated logistics to work out such as: remaining in the same school district or requiring a new vehicle to tackle a trickier commute. Homeownership allows a family to “put down roots” and have less chance of keeping boxes in storage that never seem to get unpacked because they are always needing to be re-packed again.

Surrounding yourself with the very best

There are exclusive pricing and finish upgrades for buyers at The Parklane to create unique and customized wardrobe systems featuring German-made cabinetry, tailor-made by Eggersmann USA, renowned for their quality construction and practical engineering.

Buying a space and having it customized for you in this manner affords the luxury design and personalization that would be difficult (if not impossible) to find in a condo being rented. Your exclusive wardrobe system design would begin with a consultation with a specialist and you should mention that your next home is The Parklane.

The location is a perfect fit

No matter how nice the home, rented or owned, the location plays a big part in the equation; is it a short commute to a place of work? Is it easy to access public transport? Do the views, which are such an important part of living a high rise lifestyle, inspire and delight? Are you close to family and friends or a neighborhood that fits you perfectly? When you find the perfect place in the perfect location, it can be heart-breaking to give up either, owning a property secures that future so the circumstances of the landlord do not jeopardize the living arrangements. The Parklane is situated just steps from Hermann Park near Houston’s famous Museum District with a short commute to Downtown Houston, Rice Village, and a complimentary shuttle bus service to the Texas Medical Center as well as the local light rail station. The views are unobstructed and sweeping with residents particularly savoring the Hermann Park views which change as the seasons come and go.

Building a sense of community

Although renting a property can be a long-term prospect, it can also clearly be a short-term solution while a house is being built or circumstances have changed. Living with a group of owners is more likely to build a sense of community, especially at The Parklane where there are so many shared spaces to enjoy like the fitness center, the business lounge, the swimming pool, the tennis court, outdoor dining areas, and the stylish lobby.

Elevate your view

Whether you have driven by The Parklane for years and wondered what it looks like inside, or if it is new to you and you are looking for an immaculately remodeled condo to call your Houston high rise home, visit our sales center, take a virtual tour online, or give us a call. We’re excited to share our vision and revitalize your lifestyle. So what does a Houston luxury high-rise lifestyle look like at The Parklane? Let’s explore the options together!