Judi Igwe Organizes at The Parklane

A Houstonian who inspires us with her ability to transform a chaotic space into a functional solution, we asked Judi Igwe, the owner of Rescue My Space, to visit us at The Parklane for a few lessons in maximizing space in several key living areas. It seems to be true that we all fill the space we have, whether that is a compact apartment or a spacious penthouse. Is it also true that being surrounded by an organized space that supports our lifestyle and helps with time management and aesthetics in the home makes us feel happier, more driven, more purposeful, and houseproud? We think so. All the floor plans at The Parklane are spacious and the one to three-bedroom condos have been meticulously designed with open floor plans and premier storage solutions. Cabinetry is by eggersmann USA, recognized for its cutting-edge innovation and luxury finishes. With such a great starting point, how can the space be optimized so that the space is both functional and appealing after the doors are opened? That’s where Judi comes in. Here are a few hints and tips … prepare to be inspired!

The Kitchen

Have you ever wasted time searching for a jar of spices that you were sure you saw in the kitchen last week and now it has vanished? What about finding an out-of-date jar of preserves that was pushed to the very back of the shelf surrounded by items you only use for a recipe once a year? Here are a few suggestions to help organize the kitchen which not only make finding ingredients easier, but it’s also a pleasure to be surrounded by uncluttered space and genuinely looks impressive.

First, the “before” – does this look familiar? Nobody would ever stock their cupboard like this, it evolves over time when there is no system in place and you’re on a busy schedule. Perhaps there are several people in the household and each person has their own “home” for certain ingredients and small appliances.

Finding anything in a hurry might be a challenge and it’s difficult to take an inventory of what is running low or needs to be added to a shopping list because there is so much hidden away. Boxes may give the impression that supplies are plentiful, but are they nearly empty? There is really no way to tell when a cupboard is stacked like this. With seemingly random placement of items, is it also a chore to stoop down or reach up high to retrieve what is needed? Cleaning is a major challenge with everything having to be removed piece by piece.

A place for everything, and everything in its place.

What a transformation! There are several strategies that can be used to maximize space as well as simplify the way cupboards are utilized. A few include:

  • See-through containers not only clearly show the contents, but they also give a great visual cue for when supplies need replenishing
  • Where ingredients could be confused with each other, for instance, all-purpose flour and bread flour, labeling can be used
  • Put taller containers towards the back so shorter containers can be seen in front of them
  • When many ingredients are a similar size, like the spices and tins in the picture, create ‘steps’ to display them and make them easier to retrieve
  • Take cans out of their boxes so it is easy to see how many are left
  • Put heavier items like appliances near to the ground so they are safer to take out and less likely to get tangled, drop, or cause an accident
  • For sauce bottles and condiments, a revolving tray or turntable is a simple solution to bringing each choice into view in turn
  • Storage bins gather similar items together and they are easy to remove when the cupboard space needs to be cleaned
  • Storage bins don’t need to be identical, however, an appealing interior is achieved when the designs are cohesive in terms of a color family or texture
  • Put commonly used items near to the front of the cupboard
  • Stack empty containers so they use less space
  • Declutter – if appliances or crockery haven’t been used in a long time, consider selling them or donating them to charity
  • Make the most of the space by selecting items that fill the space vertically, a consideration when shelves are of differing heights
  • Cutlery drawers with dividers help to keep utensils where they can easily be found. It is also a good way to compartmentalize sharp knives. Diagonal drawer dividers would create sections of varying lengths which could be useful if some of the utensils are particularly long

With a choice of finishes on the eggersmann cabinetry ranging from whitewashed ash to light latte and weathered grey oak cabinets, there are many color themes to choose from for the storage solutions inside. The interior design packages at The Parklane include Rustic Chic, Urban Elegance, Dynamically Bold, and Classic Tempo.

The Bathroom

The same general principles apply throughout the home. Using dividers in the bathroom drawers not only separates similar items, it offers stability to store items vertically, making the most of the available space. Storing heating appliances with their cords wound prevents a tangle and makes them easier to pick up.

Storage bins keep supplies out of sight, stylish to look at, and practical for keeping similar items together as well as making them easier to lift together and sort through. Distribute the weight across the bins so one bin does not become too heavy.

Labeling consistently and maximizing the use of the available space are routines that can be maintained day after day, year after year. Once your cupboards are organized and look like they could grace the cover of an interior design magazine, your high-rise living space is truly elevated.

Elevate your view

You know the neighborhood, you love Hermann Park, maybe you have a short commute to the Texas Medical Center, Rice University, the Museum District, or the Ion and South Main Innovation District. Luxury Houston high-rise living spaces are being redefined at The Parklane.

Whether you have driven by The Parklane for years and wondered what it looks like inside, or if it is new to you and you are looking for an immaculately remodeled condo to call your Houston high rise home, visit our sales center, take a virtual tour online, drop us a line, or give us a call. With homes for sale starting in the $300s and low monthly maintenance dues, we’re excited to share our vision and elevate your view. Homes range in size from 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom to 3-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom properties, with combination units also available. All the residences are spacious and light-filled, with at least one private balcony. eggersmann cabinetry in the kitchen and bathroom adds a stylish yet practical storage element, whilst Bosch appliances including induction cooktops, washers and dryers, and upgraded Thermador appliances in the penthouses reinforce the high-end finishes and meticulous attention to detail.

So what does a Houston luxury high-rise lifestyle look like at The Parklane? Let’s explore the combinations together!

About Judi Igwe

We called in the organizing expert, Judi Igwe, owner of Rescue My Space to show us how to organize at The Parklane. Her company offers organizing services from initial consultation, through project planning, organizing, shopping, putting in place, and then the final reveal.

Judi’s website: https://www.rescuemyspace.com/about showcases her journey from a small one-bedroom apartment on the southeast side of Houston to finding her passion and purpose, helping residential and corporate clients use their space effectively, making positive changes for today and tomorrow. The focus is on a lifestyle change and a lifestyle choice. Judi’s website sums it up perfectly: “Through our content, organizing services, and our online platform ─ we are here to help you gain the most out of your life. We want to help you create a better way to live without the clutter around you. An organized space that exudes who you are and what you want to become.”
For regular updates and inspiration, follow Judi on social media at: https://www.instagram.com/rescuemyspace/

For help with your own local Houston organizing project in playrooms, kitchens, business spaces, home offices, craft rooms, and so much more, visit her Rescue My Space website for contact information.